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Communication Strategies
for the Built Environment

Wayfinding · Environmental Graphic Design · Signage Brand implementation · Placemaking

Featured Work
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta
Hines Interests / Eighth Avenue Place
Eighth Avenue Place
Niagara Health System / Niagara Health System
Niagara Health System
Calgary Municipal Land Corporation / RiverWalk
Gibbs Gage Architect / Calgary Board of Education
Calgary Board of Education
Recent News
Pacific Centre Parkade

The Pacific Centre parkade is located in Vancouver’s downtown core and directly connects to seven key locations including three office towers, the Four Seasons Hotel, Pacific Centre Mall, the City Centre Canada Line station, and soon... Read More

Telus Garden Office Signage

Telus Garden is a new mixed use tower in the heart of downtown Vancouver, geared around world-class design, innovation and sustainability. The goal of the architectural design is to inspire its occupants, animate Georgia Street, and set a new... Read More

Gilmore Station

The Cygnus team in Vancouver is working with Onni and IBI Group to develop a signage and wayfinding master plan for the Gilmore site. The project is unfolding in close consultation with the City of Burnaby.

Comprised of over 12 acres of... Read More

Cygnus has built a strong relationship with Trillium, constantly striving to meet the needs of our organization and stakeholders. This effort, coupled with their commitment to aligning all signage and wayfinding with the hospital's branding guidelines, make for effective, successful results.

— Lindsay Litzenberger, Trillium Health Centre
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